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Yamaha MT-09/MT-09 Tracer/FJ-09/FZ-09

throttle by wire version


Check the brochure and when you order the kit if you are using an OEM Yamaha switch be sure to order the correct patch harness.

The XT1200 and FJR1300 switches look the same but the wiring and connectors are different.

 Please specify if you wish the control to be calibrated in kilometers or miles per hour at 2kph or 1mph per press of the ACC/DEC buttons

Optional New slim Control Switch Standard Control Switch
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Check the brochure to determine if there are any special requirements for your bike and provide any details requested to ensure the correct wiring loom, components and switch options are provided in the kit. Additional notes may appear below.

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please use our Contact Form including make, model and year of your bike & choice of options (if any) shown in the brochure. Include your name, location, email address and a contact telephone number

Download the brochure to see the location of components on this model and read notes specific to it

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