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Check the brochure to determine if there are any special requirements for your bike and provide any details requested to ensure the correct wiring loom, components and switch options are provided in the kit. Additional notes may appear below.

Price includes VAT and delivery in UK

To place an order or request a price for delivery in Europe or rest of world please submit the Contact Form including all bike details as indicated in brochure plus any options

Download the brochure to see the location of components on this model and read notes specific to it

Cruise Control Kit for:

Yamaha FJR1300 auto shift (YCCS)

2006-2013 auto only using new cruise electric servo


If your bike is fitted with (or you plan to fit) LED brake lights or a brake-light modulator, then a modification to the wiring harness is required at an additional cost of £15 to make the cruise control work. Please select this option when ordering.

Below handlebar control switch mounting is not available on the YCCS model.

The electric throttle servo will not fit under the seat on the YCCS model.

Please also confirm the precise month and year of manufacture of your bike.

On 2006-7 bikes the cruise control will work down to 20mph but at low speeds the speed will wander a little due to the design of the bike’s throttle mechanism. This is specific to 2006-7 bikes and all other models work well right across the speed range.

Download the Brochure for Servo on frame kit