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Please check the individual model brochure to determine if there are any special requirements for your bike and provide any details requested to ensure the correct wiring loom, other components and switch options are provided in the kit

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Currency exchange rates fluctuate constantly so the prices shown are for guidance only. We will always quote and offer the best price available when you enquire.

Cruise control kits for Suzuki motorcycles SUZUKI DL650 V-Strom 2nd generation SUZUKI DL1000 V-strom 2nd generation SUZUKI GSX 1300 R Hyabusa From 2008

If your bike is not shown above please contact us as it may be under development. We will add new kits as they become available.

Please note:

The vacuum actuator traditionally used in the cruise control kit for many years has become obsolete and is no longer available.

It is gradually being replaced by the new electric throttle servo. However with so many new bike models requiring cruise kit development it is likely that many existing kits will not be redeveloped.

Kits for some older bikes may be capable of upgrading to the electric servo specification. Please contact us with details of your bike if you are interested in this option.