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MotorCycle Cruise - Installation and Technical details

The technical principles behind the motorcycle cruise control are very simple but depend on the extensive development and testing of the operational software and quality of the components that have been combined to make up the finished product. It has been independently tested in the UK and carries European Type Approval (e-mark)

Installation of the motorcycle cruise control is straightforward and takes on average 4-5 hours to complete

Many motorcycle cruise control kits are installed by bike owners themselves.

Whilst installation is straightforward, if you are not familiar with the bike, allow a couple of hours extra because you will probably want to double-check everything as you go along.

Every kit has a set of detailed installation instructions for the specific bike model with plenty of photos and illustrations to guide each part of the installation. You can download some sample pages opposite.

The instructions even show you how to remove panels properly without damaging any fittings - often difficult to work out if you’ve not done it before.

The tools required are found in most toolkits and typically include sockets, spanners, screwdrivers, allen keys, long nose pliers and a flat file.

Electrical connection generally is just a matter of plugging in the wiring loom supplied with the kit - it will have the same connectors as your bike’s wiring loom. If a bike manufacturer has used more than one type of connector on variants of the same model the kit will include both types of connector.

If there have been other variants in manufacturers components on a particular model we will show you how to identify the appropriate items on your bike.

The calibration of the computer and ratios in the CIU are factory set to suit the specific model of motorcycle. The computer can be fine-tuned to your bike after installation.

The kit includes instructions for testing, adjusting, troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Full support is provided direct by the manufacturer’s technical team.

“The kit contains everything needed and is suitable for competent diy or motorcycle dealer installation.”

Typical pages from the installation instructions. Click each image to download the page

Cruise kit components Installing the cruise servo Installing cruise wiring harness

download the cruise control brochure

motorcycle cruise control brochure.pdf removing panels