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MotorCycle Cruise - Important Safety Information

The purpose of fitting a cruise control to a motorcycle is to improve the comfort, fuel consumption and use-ability of the bike whether used for commuting or for long distance cruising. Any accessory or modification affecting the control of a motorcycle must be legal, reliable and above all safe in operation.

You need to be sure that any item that you consider fitting to your bike will not compromise its safety - your life may depend on it

In addition to home-made assemblies, there are a number of throttle locks and other mechanical devices available at low cost that have been used by motorcycle riders to maintain a constant throttle opening.

Before you consider this type of device please be aware that its use may at least invalidate your insurance and be illegal in some countries, or at worst cause an accident.

We do not sell or advocate the use of this type of mechanical device

Some motorcycle owners have modified car cruise controls to fit their bikes and have published advice and installation instructions to allow others to follow their example.

Modified car cruise controls may also be available commercially.

No matter how competent you are mechanically, before you undertake any installation involving a modified car cruise control please carefully consider the following points.

You have no way of evaluating published advice and installation instructions unless they are examined and approved by a competent independent person or professional body.

Car cruise controls are not fail-safe. In the event of a sudden failure a car’s brakes may be good enough to stop a car safely. But if a powerful bike’s throttle is stuck wide open its brakes will not stop the bike.

Car cruise controls will not fit motorcycles without some modification to mounting brackets, levers and cables. The space available for modification on a bike is severely limited and all components need extensive testing under all riding conditions to ensure that chafing or jamming cannot occur.

On a bike you need an electro-mechanical device that is independent of the cruise control to ensure that the rider remains in full control of the throttle even if the cruise control fails. Car cruise controls are designed and approved for use only on cars.

We do not sell or advocate the use of car cruise controls on motorcycles

We sell only cruise controls that have been specifically designed for use on motorcycles and ATV’s. They are manufactured in Australia and have been independently tested in the UK and awarded European Type Approval (e-mark) for use on motorcycles and ATV’s by the government Vehicle Certification Agency.

“the first kit I put on my Honda bike was a car cruise control. it worked reasonably well… but three months after installing it I was doing an advanced rider training course at the GP circuit in Australia when at 235kph at the end of the main straight, the throttle jammed!”

Luckily, somehow the writer above survived the experience and as a result the unique motorcycle cruise control was developed.