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Accelerate above your set speed whenever you wish, then release the throttle and your bike speed automatically drops back to the previously set speed. Touch the front or rear brake or engage the clutch and the cruise control cuts out instantly.

MotorCycle Cruise - It's easy to use - Check out the benefits

If you’ve ever suffered from a cramped right wrist, a stiff neck or an aching back you really should fit a MotorCycle Electronic Cruise control.

Fit a Cruise Control to keep to the speed limit and keep your licence

Fit a cruise control to improve your fuel consumption

Basically the same as a car cruise control - except it performs even better.

No matter whether you ride a tourer, a cruiser or a sportsbike, you can ride further, in more comfort and safety with a cruise control

The control switch is mounted above or below the handlebar according to model or preference

Simply accelerate to the desired speed (30mph / 50kph upwards).

Press …

From then on the MotorCycle Cruise control will maintain your speed up and downhill, with or against the wind. You can vary your set speed by as little as 1mph (1.5kph) by a single touch on a button.

to engage the cruise control

to increase set speed

to reduce set speed

Press …

Press …

to gently resume the previously set speed

Press …

Safety features ensure that the cruise control will not resume speed if it has been turned off by the control switch or the bike ignition switch.

“The cruise control enables those who have been unable to ride because of illness or injury to get back onto a bike and enjoy the open road once more, with comfort and safety”

download the cruise control brochure

motorcycle cruise control brochure.pdf