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Check the brochure to determine if there are any special requirements for your bike and provide any details requested to ensure the correct wiring loom, components and switch options are provided in the kit. Additional notes may appear below.

Price includes VAT and delivery in UK

To place an order or request a price for delivery in Europe or rest of world please submit the Contact Form including all bike details as indicated in brochure plus any options

Download the brochure to see the location of components on this model and read notes specific to it

Cruise Control Kit for:

Harley-Davidson CANBUS Dyna from 2012

featuring cruise control compact electric servo

Please confirm the following information when ordering.

  1. The length of wire needed for the control switch - short or long -download measuring instructions and advise if you are fitting inside or outside handlebar tube  
  2. Which factory wiring harness your bike has. See Note # opposite.
  3. Whether your bike has engine bars. This is important as the cruise computer fits onto that engine mounting bolt.

Please advise the exact year and model of your bike.

Note the pre Canbus and Canbus models are different, please check the brochures and ensure you specify the correct model.


Fits all Dynas including:

Street Bob

Low Rider

Wide Glide

Fat Bob


Note #. Wires to the foot brake switch: Precise dates of model wiring changes are not known - the following is for guidance.


No-canbus bikes have orange/white trace,

No-Canbus/No-Body Control Module bikes have red/yellow trace.

Later model bikes With-Canbus and Body Control Module have black and blue/green trace.

Download the Pre-Canbus Brochure Download the Canbus Brochure