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Purchase of the Utilux #61 roll crimper is recommended. This Electronic Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for the vehicle, except for one or more spliced terminations on the wiring harness which must be completed by the installer.

Check the brochure to determine if there are any special requirements for your bike and provide any details requested to ensure the correct wiring loom, components and switch options are provided in the kit. Additional notes may appear below.

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please use our Contact Form including make, model and year of your bike & choice of options (if any) shown in the brochure. Include your name, location, email address and a contact telephone number

Download the brochure to see the location of components on this model and read notes specific to it

Cruise Control Kit for:


Now fits all “oil head” models up to 2013


Download the BMW R1200 checklist and provide the details requested when ordering the kit.

Different height control switch mounting brackets are available for this model.

See photo opposite for the cruise control compact new electronic throttle servo

Download the Brochure

To see different height switch brackets

Download the BMW R1200 checklist

Kit with new cruise electric throttle servo