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Safe, effective electronic cruise controls for Motorcycles & Trikes

Cruise controls and speed limiters for ATVs/Quads & Utility Vehicles

Tractor power take off speed controller

If you ride a Bike for business or pleasure, a cruise control will make your experience more pleasurable.

The authorities are now monitoring average speed over distance and not just checking as you pass a camera. With Active Traffic Management and speed limits constantly being varied anywhere between 70mph and 30mph it is increasingly difficult to keep within the limit.

With a cruise control fitted you can set and adjust your speed easily as often as you need.  

Owners report improvements of up to 15% in fuel consumption. 60mpg BMW R1150RT and on a Honda ST1100.

Not only does this save money - but it also means you can ride further without needing to refuel.

Owners with elbow and shoulder injuries can now enjoy riding again, And if you’ve ever suffered from a cramped right wrist, a stiff neck or an aching back you really could benefit from an Electronic Cruise control. It means everyone can enjoy long distance cruising in comfort. “200 miles non-stop”, “570 miles in 10 hours with no right arm ache”, “It made 300 - 400 mile days a walk in the park”.

The latest generation of electronic cruise controls has been designed specifically for motorcycles and functions safely and faultlessly under arduous road conditions.

Rigorous testing, top quality materials and hands-on installation experience produce a product that fits as it should and performs as you expect.

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